2019 Tour Schedule

It’s a crammed programme of Arenacross action, and we don’t want you to miss a single thing. Sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the ride …

take a look at our show schedule

The Schedule!

  • 19:30: Show opening & FMX show 1
  • Race 1: Pro lites main event 1 (12 laps)
  • Race 2: Pro 450 main event 1 (12 laps)
  • Race 3: Ax youth 65cc (7 Laps)
  • Race 4: Team green supermini cup (8 laps)
  • Race 5: Ax rookies (10 Laps)
  • Freestyle motocross show 2
  • Interval (Go grab a beer and a t-shirt)
  • Race 6: Pro lites main event 2 (12 laps)
  • Race 7: Pro 450 main event 2 (12 laps)
    The top 6 highest points scoring riders from the pro 450 and pro lites main events 1 and 2 will transfer directly to the super final main event
    Riders finishing 7th to 10th will qualify to the head-to-head (H2H) races.
    Riders finishing 11th and 12th will transfer to the last chance qualifier (LCQ).
  • Race 8: PRO AM Cup (10 laps)
  • Races 9 to 16: Protein water head-to-heads (2 laps)
    The winner of the H2H final will transfer to the super final main event. Riders finishing 2nd to 8th in the H2H transfer to the LCQ.
  • Race 17: Last chance qualifier (6 laps)
    The winner of the LCQ will transfer to the super final main event
  • Freestyle motocross Show 3
  • Race 18: Main event super final (15 laps)
  • 22:30: Show end


The Arenacross evening programme will follow the same format at all six rounds, with the exception that the All-Ireland Cup Main Event will be staged only at the opening two rounds at Belfast. For the remaining rounds at Birmingham and Sheffield, it will be replaced by an additional FMX show.