Motocross mavericks that love to entertain

"The tricks that the riders were performing were just incredible, they were doing the impossible!"James Langford

What is Freestyle Motocross?

FMX, or Freestyle Motocross, takes the high-flying action of MX and lets it loose 60 feet above the track…or in the case of Arenacross, 60 feet above your head! Riders hit purpose-built ramps on specially modified dirt-bikes and then as if flying across a 100ft gap on a 100 kg bike wasn't enough, they will attempt to out-do each other by performing tricks, flips and whips, all for your entertainment! Once considered MX mavericks, freestylers are now highly-paid sporting stars who compete in year-round world tour events such as the X Games and Red Bull X-Fighters.

Due to the risky (and quite frankly crazy) nature of the sport, quality FMX riders are in high-demand…but that didn't stop us from scouring the globe and lining up some of the best Freestylers to take to the ramps for your viewing pleasure.

Alongside them laying down the best tricks and whips in competition, we'll also be holding a frenzied freestyle free-for-all, in which all of our riders will really go to town and let it all hang out to keep you on the edge of your seats! And listen out for a cry of "TRAIN" before they all hit the ramp in insanely close succession for a mind-blowing session of big-air madness!

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