AX Kuberg Electric Bikes

Thousands of children under the age of twelve attend Arenacross year on year. As they sit in the arena seats, watching the thrilling entertainment unfold, it ignites a spark in them as they wish to one day be just like their AX heroes who are out there laying it all down on the track. Although they try their hardest to convince their Mum and Dad to get them a bike, there are certain hurdles to overcome, such as costs, safety and limitations on places to practice.

However, Arenacross has come up with the solution to this. As avid motocross enthusiasts ourselves, we know that motocross is not the easiest sport to get into and can be very confusing when first starting out. That is why we have teamed up with the electric-bike manufacturer, Kuberg, to create this exclusive range of Arenacross bikes. The AX Exclusive range offers the perfect starter packs to help your child fulfil their dreams of riding a bike, whilst staying safe, being able to ride pretty much everywhere and of course looking cool – just like our AX riders!

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