The Arenacross Tour Pro class is bursting at the seams for 2019, with all former Arenacross champs returning to the AX ring for the all-new, six-round, three-venue, championship.

But, there’s new blood on the scene too as Arenacross new-signing, multiple French Supercross champ, Greg Aranda, will take the prime Pro rider slot within the Team Green Kawasaki camp. The super-talented Frenchman is a renowned scrapper on the supercross racing circuit, and never one to shy away from a challenge. He’ll be going all out to prove himself and snatch the AX Pro title from compatriot Cedric Soubeyras of FRO Systems; a prospect made all the sweeter by the fact that the two French riders are massively competitive, like-minded in their no-holds-barred approach to racing and determined to be the best. Then … there’s multi Aussie champ and former US supercross top runner Dan Reardon. Once he’d ‘manned-up’ to the UK weather, he showed his formidable mettle at the final round of the 2018 Tour at Wembley; he took a start-to-finish Main Event and vowed he’d be back to lay claim to the Arenacross Pro crown in 2019. His team is yet to be announced but, when it is, it’s a fair bet that it’ll be exceptional.