World-Class Hard-Hitters Get Ready For Arenacross

It’s only a matter of days now until the 2019 Arenacross Tour bursts into action with a heady line-up of international racers chomping at the bit to, not just win a hefty pot of cash but to also earn the accolade of lifting the highly-revered 2019 Arenacross Pro trophy.

There’s a stellar cast of top-notch racers – possibly the best mix of international racers ever to grace the Arenacross start-line.

#1 (G) Cedric Soubeyras, FRO Systems, France, Husqvarna, Pro Lites 250
#1 (R) Joe Clayton,  Team Green Kawasaki, UK, Kawasaki, Pro Lites 250
#3 Charles Lefrancois, SR75 Suzuki,  France, Suzuki, Pro 450
#4 Fabien Izoird, Shocktech Kawasaki, France, Kawasaki, Pro 450
#6 Adrien Escoffier, Buildbase Honda, France, Honda, Pro Lites 250
#8 Hugo Basaula, Shocktech Kawasaki, Portugal, Kawasaki, Pro 450
9 Adam Chatfield Buildbase Honda UK Honda Pro 450
#10 Jack Brunell,  Team Green Kawasaki, UK, Kawasaki, Pro 450
#17 Matt Bayliss, Wooldridge Demolition, UK, Honda, Pro 450
#20 Greg Aranda, Team Green Kawasaki, France, Kawasaki, Pro 450
#25 Florent Richier, SR75 Suzuki,  France, Suzuki, Pro Lites 250
#30 Austin Root, Buildbase Honda, USA, Honda, Pro 450
#33 Ashley Greedy, FRO Systems, Wales, Yamaha, Pro 450
#50 Martin Barr, Crescent Yamaha, N.Ireland, Yamaha, Pro Lites 250
#64 Nique Thury, FRO Systems, Germany, Husqvarna, Pro 450
#71 Cole Martinez, Castrol Suzuki MBC, USA, Suzuki, Pro 450
#75 Nick Schmidt, Castrol Suzuki MBC, USA, Suzuki, Pro 450
#84 Lorenzo Camporese, TBC, Spain, KTM,  Pro Lites 250
#115 Billy King, TBC, UK, KTM, Pro Lites 250
#259 Julien Lebeau, Wooldridge Demolition, France, Honda, Pro Lites 250
#337 Glenn McCormick Unique FitOut Husqvarna N.Ireland Husqvarna Pro Lites 250
#381 Scooter Webster, Shocktech Kawasaki, UK, Kawasaki, Pro Lites 250
#744 Diogo Graca, Castrol Suzuki MBC, Portugal, Suzuki Pro 450

A new race format sees a complete upturn for 2019, which is set to entice some mad and bad racing. For the first time ever in Arenacross, 450s will meet 250s head on. Riders in each class will get two main events apiece. The top six Pros and Lites – combined scores from each class – will be seeded through to the AX Super Main Final. The winners of the ‘fans fave’ Head-to-Head and the winner of the Last Chance Qualifier, will complete the final line-up.

If there is one certainty, then it’s that Arenacross is as predictable as it is unpredictable and, with the added twist of Pitstop Betting and inclusion of e-gaming from Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Video Game 2, 2019 is set to be something of a belter.

Arenacross Tour tickets are still on sale, with prices from just £12 for a child visitor on Friday evenings, and substantial discounts available for two-night tickets. Arena doors will open at 6pm, with the opening ceremony getting underway at 7.30pm.


Pictured; American hotshot Cole Martinez from Arizona, joins Nick Schmidt from Seattle and Portuguese Diogo Graca in a new-to-Arenacross Castrol Suzuki team.