Team Green Kawasaki’s Greg Aranda rocked up to the first round of The Arenacross Tour at the SSE Arena, Belfast yesterday, Friday the 18th of January, and simply cleaned up in the Arenacross Pro class.

In his Arenacross debut he was fastest in Pro 450 qualifying, won both class Main Events and then stormed past Cedric Soubeyras and Charles Lefrançois on the last lap of the Main Event Super Final to scoop a substantial winner’s pot of cash.

So who is this rather handy rider?

  • He’s 29 and from Beauvoisin, near Montpelier in the South of France.
  • Motocross is his full-time profession.
  • He is a Kawasaki France team rider.
  • His achievements include;
    • 2018 European SX vice champion
    • 2016 French MX Elite champion
    • 2015 German SX champion
    • 2014 European SX vice champion, German SX champion
    • 2013 German SX champion
    • 2010 European SX champion
  • This is his first-time racing in the UK


When asked about his initial thoughts on Arenacross, he said; “I think the racing is great and the organisation is good. I know most of the riders as have raced against them in different championships. I’ve wanted to race in Arenacross for a while now but in previous years, it’s always clashed with the Dortmund SX. With the later start date, it’s perfect and all the best European racers can make the full series.”

Questioned on his race tactics, he added; “I just think and try to stay focussed as you can easily make mistakes. The start is important as the track is small, and you have to get off the grid quickly if you want to win.”

When asked if he deliberately held back on the Super Final Main Event last night; “No. I never wait. I want to pass all riders as soon as I can. Actually, here at Arenacross, you really cannot wait as if you do, you’re finished …. I was trying throughout the race last night to get past Soubeyras and Lefrançois. I managed to get a good line through the whoops on the last lap and got by to take the win.

“It was great to get the win in the first round and I’ll be pushing to do the same this evening to put Kawasaki on the top of the podium again.”