Review: Supercross 3 The Game with FMXer Samson Eaton

Between throwing HUGE Tsunami’s and whips, one of our Fix Auto UK Freestyle Motocross riders Samson Eaton is an avid gamer…with a speciality in Motocross games. It’s a fact that there isn’t a Motocross game out there he hasn’t played! It made perfect sense to let Samson loose on the newly released Monter Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 3 (SX3)!

The game based on the Official AMA Supercross Championship has returned following the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Season. Having already clocked up a few hours on SX3 we thought we’d ask Samson his top reasons to play Supercross 3 The Game.

1) 100 official riders of both 450SX and 250SX from 2019 roster and 2019 Official Teams

Eaton Says: ” The rider line up includes RFX Honda’s Angelo Pellegrini who is racing in the Pro 450 class at Arenacross…pretty cool”

Angelo Pellegrini

2) 15 official stadiums and tracks

Eaton Says: The graphics are pretty insane on every single stadium and track! Tracks are more alive, thanks to revised particles of fireworks, flames, dry and wet ground that are more detailed and realistic.

3) Dedicated servers with new multiplayer modes including the Race Director mode

Eaton Says: Lag-free online gaming…no complaints there!

4) A powered-up track editor to create infinite tracks and share them with the community.

Eaton Says: The track editor is revamped, for example, you can add sand sections or if you really wanted to you could make a track completely made of sand.

5) Improved rider physics

Eaton Says: This relates to how the rider responds and controlling of the rider. This year there has been a huge change. It’s much more realistic, for example you have to be way more precise on setting up the rider to jumps and leaning through corners!

6) Ability to select Female riders

Eaton Says: …About time!

7) A Fresh Career Mode

Eaton Says: You start out from the bottom in either 250 East or 250 West championships before working your way up to become 450 world champion. Along this journey, you can become a teammate of an official Supercross rider and accumulate credits to buy new parts/kit etc.

8) Get the Official Team Presets

Eaton Says: I’ve chosen the Monster Energy Kawasaki and Factory Honda preset which includes the full set of official kit!

9) A totally new great co-op experience with your friends in the new amazing compound.

Eaton Says: The compound is massive, like a completely open world which you can explore new areas to ride in with hidden motocross tracks

10) And finally…check out Samson’s current fastest time and favourite track:

Fastest Lap Time: 00:49:538 (Atlanta, GA)

Favourite Track: Atlanta, GA

To order yourself a copy of Monster Energy Supercross – The Offical Video Game 3 head to https://bit.ly/2DXrNLU