Muc Off Cleans Up With Arenacross

Muc-Off has been a pioneer in developing cutting-edge cleaning and maintenance products for extreme sports competitors since 1994. Now, for 2019, it joins the Arenacross Tour as its official cleaning partner.

Over the past twenty-odd years, Muc-Off has fine-tuned its process of keeping a bike sparkling, distilling it down into three easy steps; clean, protect and lube. All of its moto-specific products fall into these categories.

To commence the Muc-Off cleaning journey, the manufacturer offers its NanoTech Motorcycle Cleaner which quickly cuts through grime, grease and dirt. The perfectly pink cleaner is biodegradable and free from chemicals and other nasty stuff. Next up is Muc-Off’s Motorcycle Protectant which, with a high concentration of Polytetrafluoroethylene – otherwise known as PTFE – helps prevent dirt sticking to a bike between washes, and leaves a non-sticky protective layer smelling of fresh Vanilla. The final product in the Muc-Off one-two-three process is its All-Weather Chain Lube. It’s unique water repellent, ceramic, non-fling formula penetrates deep into the chain link. This creates a durable protective coating in all weather conditions. It also incorporates a UV dye, which means users can see its specific coverage when using a UV torch. Most of the cleaning products are under a tenner, with a host of associated brushes, cloths, and the like, from as little as £5.99.

Commenting on the new partnership with Arenacross, Muc-Off’s motorcycle marketing manager Geoffrey Yale said; “We’re super excited to become an official partner of Arenacross and engaging with the series’ passionate fans attending and watching from around the world. The partnership will enable us to showcase our industry-leading motorcycle and bicycle products to the Arenacross audience, offering exclusive products and competitions to win some awesome Muc-Off prizes! We’ll also ensure the talented roster of Arenacross athletes have the full complement of Muc-Off products to hand, to help keep their bikes and gear as well prepared as possible for the unrelenting action of an Arenacross Tour.

“Muc-Off’s relentless pursuit to create the best performing cleaning and care products for both the motorcycle and bicycle markets, combined with our passion for all things two-wheeled, makes Arenacross a fantastic partnership for Muc-Off, and we can’t wait for the action to get underway in January!”

For more information on Muc-Off, visit www.muc-off.com/ 

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