Isaac Ash firmly placed his home town of Chudleigh on the national motorcycle racing map when he shredded the opposition at the final two rounds of the world-revered Arenacross Tour last weekend, taking four wins from four starts in magnificent style.

Less than 18 months ago the ten-year-old Blackpool Primary School student hadn’t even swung a leg over a motorcycle, let alone consider embarking on a competitive racing career. His elder brothers were into quad bikes, but he fancied his chances at two-wheels and was lucky enough to get his first small-capacity automatic bike in September 2017. He rode that little Honda motorcycle in local club races but was so nervous, that he was sick prior to each race. His ‘lightbulb moment’ hit when he watched Joe and Ben Clayton (from Totnes) contesting the final round of the Arenacross Tour at Wembley last year and decided that was for him.

Fast-forward to 2019 and the tenacious Isaac had convinced mum Sally, and dad Rob, that he could cut it with the more experienced Arenacross riders. Said Sally; “After watching Arenacross in Wembley we let Isaac believe he could live out his dream … never thinking he would be contesting it only 12 months later.

“We went along with it because we could see how the racing helped boost his confidence. He went to the Wheeldon Off-Road Experience in Totnes to practice with his heroes – Joe and Ben Clayton – and said he felt ready to tackle the full series. We were amazed as taking part in this world-stage sport, not only helped with his nerves, but boosted his confidence beyond belief. Suddenly he was thrust into this world of media activity and thousands of people watching him racing and he blossomed.

“If it wasn’t for his bad result at the fourth round at Birmingham, it could have been a different story in the final championship positions. However, having said that, third overall in his first-ever indoor motocross racing championship, behind two very experienced Arenacross racers, is something to celebrate. He certainly made his Devonshire friends and family proud!”