Arenacross Joins With Stem in Exciting Schools Project

The fast-paced, adrenaline-charged Arenacross Tour starts its 2019 series next weekend when the doors open at the SSE Arena, Belfast at 6pm on Friday the 18th of January.

The many exciting facets and heart-racing details of the Arenacross show with its incredible motocross racing and seemingly impossible ballistic Freestyle MX feats have already been well documented. However, before the whole razzmatazz kicks off, there is a great initiative taking place at the arena on the Wednesday during Arenacross build-up, that gives something back to the community.

Arenacross for Schools will see just shy of 200 Primary 6 pupils attend an interactive field-day at The SSE Arena and adjoining W5 Science and Discovery Centre. The programme is a joint venture between Arenacross, W5, the STEM Ambassadors involved in the construction project from ARUP, Graham Farrans JV and the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The purpose of the day is to take children safely through the stages of the creation of a world-class event such as Arenacross, whilst at the same time, injecting a hole heap of excitement into what is anticipated to be a worthwhile and valuable field trip. On the day in question, thousands of tons of dirt will be delivered into the venue, in readiness for the construction and production crew to work their magic in turning a pristine concert and ballroom dancing amphitheatre into a full-on dirt-filled race track.

Every Arenacross track is meticulously planned and shaped, to optimise the space and orientation of each arena floor. The aim is to deliver the most technically-challenging race circuit imaginable in the shortest amount of time, and the smallest amount of space. As such, it provides a fun platform from which to highlight to young people just how STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – can be applied.

This event will introduce children to construction, engineering and technology and showcase the breadth of different careers and pathways to employability available through an innovative and engaging day of activities. Four primary schools – Duneane PS and St Oliver Plunkett PS from Toomebridge, Moneynick PS, Randalstown and Edwards PS from Castlederg – have been given the opportunity to get involved.

Julia Carson STEM Ambassador Hub Manager at W5 said; “We are delighted to be able to support this unique opportunity for young people to see real life STEM in action.  Throughout the day they will hear from experts in engineering and construction, take part in hands-on activities and then see how all these technical skills come together to create a jaw-dropping, live action event with Arenacross.”

Jonathan Rea will lend his support to Arenacross at Belfast

The fact that Jonathan Rea, the 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 World Superbike Champion, the most successful racer in Superbike history, is lending his considerable support to Arenacross for Schools will be the icing on the cake for these youngsters. He will speak to the assembled schoolchildren, and share insights into his aspirational journey, he’ll be joined by other Northern Irish big-hitters such as British and World motocross contenders Graeme Irwin and Martin Barr, former British and Irish champ Gordon Crockard, reigning MX2 Irish champ Glenn Irwin, MX of Nations Team boss Philip McCullough together with his racing twins Cole and Robbie from the aforementioned Edwards primary school in Castlederg as well as a bevy of local racing talent.

The children will get to meet the racers and enjoy their own private Arenacross Freestyle MX show, prior to heading home or enjoying the W5 facilities.

In line with its incredible family entertainment and race action show, Arenacross takes school field-trips to another level.

Arenacross Tour tickets are on sale now, with prices from just £12 for a child visitor on Friday evenings, and substantial discounts available for two-night tickets. Arena doors will open at 6pm, with the opening ceremony getting underway at 7.30pm.


  1. Packed arena audiences enjoy cheering on the Arenacross riders. The primary school children attending Arenacross for Schools will get a chance to witness just what goes into preparing for such an event.
  2. Multi World Superbike Champion Jonathan Rea will spend time with the children on Wednesday the 16th, and share an insight into his incredibly successful journey