In the last four days, the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard, the grounds of Goodwood House play host to some of the most boundary-pushing action sports, as Arenacross UK present the GAS (Goodwood Action Sports) shows throughout the weekend.

Featuring some of the world’s best freestyle motocross, BMX, mountain bike, trials and flatland athletes, the GAS shows have been wowing the crowds and inspiring the next generation of riders.

On Friday, the BMX and mountain bike riders battled it out on the enormous dirt jumps with a best trick competition. In a victory for the larger wheels, mountain biker Matt Jones impressed the spectators most with a ‘flip whip,’ a move which involves spinning the bike around its bars whilst upside down. US BMXer Anthony Napolitan was a close second with a ‘front flip no-hander,’ with British mountain biker Freddy Pulman taking third with a ‘backflip barspin.’

Going higher and faster than anyone else are the freestyle motocross riders, whose acrobatic stunts are jaw-dropping. Swiss master Mat Rebeaud is performing his repertoire of tricks aboard a fully electric bike, making him one of only two riders in the world currently doing so. Saturday saw the best trick competition for the freestylers!

Our pack of riders have given their all to hundreds and thousands of fans that have flooded to watch the shows! 

UK mountain biker Sam Reynolds said; “GAS is bringing the mountain bikers from the mountains and the motocross riders from the tracks and showing everyone what it is we do. The highlight for me has being seeing the motocross riders doing their best tricks – they get as far away from their bikes as possible in the air and then pull it back and ride away, it’s incredible.”

Matt Bates, Director of ASL Active, said; “This is 20 crazy athletes from across the world, but we’ve worked with Goodwood to create much more than just these amazing shows. People from the age of four can get involved in riding bikes in our Experience Zone, have a go on our upside-down motocross bike and chat to the riders and us about the Arenacross shows we host elsewhere.”

A huge thank you has to go out to our super rad riders, our GAS crew who worked tirelessly to make this all happen and of course YOU guys for coming out and watching our crazy antics time and time again.

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