AX fans will remember that two thirds of the AX FMX Crew, aka Arran Powley and Samson Eaton of Bolddog FMX, were side-lined during the course of entertaining the FMX-loving crowds at this year’s Power Maxed Arenacross Tour.

We spoke with them both back in early March and, in response to many calls from AX fans for an update, recently managed to catch up with them again.

The guys are naturally ultra-competitive and it’s been something of a race to see who would be back out on a bike first – that award goes to ‘the baby’ of the group, Arran ‘Ron’ Powley;

AX: When we caught up in March, you were seeing Jo at Mid Suffolk Physiotherapy for some laser treatment to speed up the recovery. Did it work?

AP: I’ve been to see Jo at Mid Suffolk Physio quite a few times for treatments which have helped a lot with the recovery, especially since having the cast removed to help get me back walking.

AX: You were due to go to hospital for x-rays and to have the cast off a week early. Did that go according to plan?

AP: Unfortunately my plan to get the cast off early was unsuccessful. The break hadn’t healed enough for them to remove the cast so I ended up in the cast for a full six weeks. I went back to the hospital again for more x-rays after six weeks hoping for the bone to be healed, but unfortunately due to the way I broke my fibula it still hadn’t fully healed. On the plus side, it was healed enough for them to remove the cast and give me a walking boot instead which meant I could start putting some weight through my leg.

AX: We saw a post on FB that you’ve been walking and enjoying life cleaning your van (LOL). Are you back riding now?

AP: The last week or so I’ve been able to walk around pretty well and as far as the break goes it feels pretty good. The only pain I have now is due to the ligament damage in my ankle but that seems to be getting a little better every day. It’s now been nine weeks and I’m back in for more x-rays next week so fingers, crossed the bone has healed enough to allow me to get back on a bike.

AX: How bored have you been?

AP: It’s been a very boring process spending most days stuck at home. The only plus was the fact that Samson was doing the same thing so we spent quite a lot of time racing each other on Xbox. I also kept myself fairly busy with designing graphics for various racers ready for the upcoming MX season.

AX: Apart from pain and inconvenience, what’s been the worst thing?

AP: The worst part about being injured is just the fact I can’t ride my bike and being stuck at home not being able to drive.

AX: Did you miss Dan when he was away being a ‘movie star’?

AP: Nah I didn’t miss Dan at all. He was keeping us both regularly updated with all the cool stuff he was doing whilst we were stuck at home (not jealous at all … laughs).

AX SHEFFIELD LR 17AX: How pleased will your partner be when you’re back out ripping the ramps?

AP: I think my other half will be extremely pleased when I can get back on the ramps so she doesn’t have to put up with me moaning about not being able to do anything.

AX: Any top recovery tips?

AP: My Recovery tip would be to get over to Mid Suffolk Physio, they have all kinds of magical treatments to help with injuries.

AX: What shows have you got lined up?

AP: Our first show kicks off on the 16th May for four days at the Balmoral Show in Ireland. We’ve got a real busy show season lined up for this year so if you want to see where we will be performing throughout the year - CLICK HERE 

AX: How will you prepare for them?

AP: My leg feels good enough to ride now so hopefully my x-rays next week will be good and the bone healed. That will give me a good few weeks to get back on the bike, maybe ride some motocross to test the ankle on some smaller jumps Then get back on the ramps to shake off the cobwebs before we head to Ireland.

AX: What are you now most looking forward to?

AP: The thing I’m most looking forward too is getting back on my bike and having fun touring the country with Dan and Samson, performing at our summer shows.

Thanks Ron! We can’t wait to see you and the team back in action at the Arena Sports Live shows during the summer.