We teamed up with world-renowned electric-bike manufacturer Kuberg last year and launched our exclusive range of AX electric mini bikes at Motorcycle Live at the NEC in November.

Our bikes provide the perfect way for youngsters to ride a ‘power-bike’ but in the very safest way possible. There are no hot parts, they are as quiet as the proverbial mouse, and a breeze to ride; turn the key, twist the throttle and enjoy the ride. What’s more, once the little wannabe-racer is kitted out with our trick clothing and helmet, he/she will look uber cool – just like our AX competitors!

There are three options in the AX range each with a different power output and machine size; Start, Cross and Pro. Each pack includes ‘the bike’, a full set of race kit and helmet, AX Kuberg Academy race licence and personal accident insurance, AX Academy coaching day, Academy Park Series entry and Arenacross family ticket.

All-inclusive pack prices are just; Start - £1299.00, Cross - £1,899.00, Pro - £3,899.00.

Nathan Ward 1One youngster who already has the AX Kuberg bug is three-year-old Nathan Ward. He visited Motorcycle Live with his grand parents and he just had to have one! We recently caught up with young Nathan and his family for an update on how he’s getting on;

What’s your favourite thing about your bike? I can ride it, it’s cool and it’s got green on it.

What is your favourite thing to do on your motorbike? Race my Daddy and my Gramps

What is your favourite AX trick? Bestest trick is the superman, I will practice that when I am bigger.

What will you do on you bike when you are bigger? I will do races and will do massive jumps

Nathan’s grandparents, Tracey and Graham, added;

We had been looking for a starter bike for our grandson for a while. We had looked at lots of bikes that were mostly petrol. We came across the Arenacross bike at a bike show and brought one there and then. The advantages of the bike are amazing. We can take the bike almost anywhere for him to practice as we have full control over the speed and torque of the bike. The customer support and starter package has been great and the team is amazing.

He has been riding it for just a few months and he is now on two wheels and is very confident. What we also like is the bikes grow with him with different sizes available.

The starter package and support has been great and the team are amazing, they are very supportive and are working hard growing the arena cross community, groups and creating opportunities for the future.


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