It’s all systems go for the opening round of the Michelin MX Nationals British Championship at Preston Docks circuit in Lancashire this weekend.


The mid-week decision, made by the organisers of the leading domestic series, to switch venues from the originally scheduled Cadders Hill venue in Lyng, Norfolk, thanks to extreme flooding, was a difficult one. However, it has proved to be a popular choice with a full line-up of riders across all classes making the trip to Preston, and blue skies making the track build crew’s life that little easier!

Like Arenacross, the MX Nationals is governed by the MC Federation organising body so a lot of the UK's best will be competing for top spots in this outdoor championship. Most classes feature a handful of Arenacross riders who have swapped their indoor set up to one that can tackle the harsh outdoor conditions typical of the UK! Riders such as Elliott Banks-Browne (EBB), Jason Meara, Buster Hart and Kai Tucker will be gracing the startline once again but this time without an Arena packed atmosphere. 

We’ll be keeping an eye on Elliott Banks-Browne (EBB), who has to be a solid bet for the 2018 championship. EBB’s early-season training, and assault on the Power Maxed Arenacross series, didn’t quite go according to plan when he was sidelined by a vicious dose of the Australian flu that culled so many at the beginning of the year. He did however, earn the accolade of being the only Brit to take an AX podium position when he finished third at Belfast. Looking ahead to the Michelin MX Nationals British Championship, he said; “I’m really looking forward to it. I’m currently feeling the best I’ve ever felt on a 450 and am ready. Since Arenacross, I’ve been training hard in preparation for the outdoor season and have just returned from Belgium where we’ve been testing the new engine. I’m riding four to five times a week and feel good, fit and strong and the bike is good. On paper, my good friend Jake Nicholls and I should be the ones to watch. We really get on well but, on the track …. A race is a race!

“The one thing I’d really like to see is for more fans to come and watch the MX Nationals. The racing is as good, if not better than some other national motocross championships. Last year Graeme (Irwin) and I had some amazing and intense battles; ten times better than anywhere else we competed.

“It’s a shame for everyone involved with Lyng that another high-profile race weekend had to be cancelled, but it is the best all-round option to change the venue and get the championship under way this weekend, and give all riders a chance to get out race.”

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Pictured; Elliott Banks-Browne leading the Pro MX1 charge.