This weekend once again saw some more of our AX Pros take to another dirt playground; battling it out in Geneva against some of the world’s top SX stars.

Supercross season is here and with the Arenacross tour fast approaching, our riders and their teams are using the one-off races as an ideal AX practice run. This weekend saw more of our Frenchie’s: Thomas Ramette, Cyrille Coulon, Cedric Soubeyras, Adrien Escoffier, Fabien Izoird and Italian Stallion Angelo Pelligrini putting their indoor skills to the test. The AX contenders were up against Frenchman and 2017 AMA Supercross title holder; Marvin Musquin and American Pro’s Jason Anderson and Justin Brayton.

Soubreyas was once again, the first non- AMA Supercross star and took a stunning 4th place finish overall. Soubreyas will be one to watch in AX 2018 if his pre-season results are anything to go by - he looks to be back this year for retribution!

 MVRD rider Escoffier had a much stronger result in Geneva with a 5th place finish, If the Frenchman can keep up his pre-season consistency he will be a strong contender for the 2018 title.

Izoird; who took the AX title in 2014, kept up his impressive return to form taking a 6th place finish. This will be another boost for the Frenchman, who has been suffering from injuries during the last 2 seasons of AX.

Reigning AX champion Thomas Ramette and his team-mate Cyrille Coulon had a difficult weekend again. Ramette took a strong qualifying finish on Friday in 5th but on the night both riders finished mid-pack. With just over a month away before the AX kick starts, there is still plenty of time for them to return to their winning form!

Italian Angelo Pelligrini, who finished second overall in the 2017 AX series and joins RFX Suzuki this year for AX, secured a solid 9th place finish at the event,

Any one of our riders could take the 2018 AX title – they’ll all be on top form when we roll into Manchester on January 6th. The competition they face this season is some of the best that Arenacross has EVER seen. Can the Soub finally get his hands on the title this year? Could former Champ Izoird make a winning comeback? Or will Ramette turn his ‘three-peat’ into a ‘four-peat’ and keep the crown?

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