We spoke to returning rider Elliott Banks-Browne, this year he is stronger than ever and has the podium set in his sights.

 First off welcome back, what have you been up to this summer?

Thank you I’m really looking forward to being back behind the line in 2018. This summer I have just been super busy with the Motocross season here in the UK which went pretty well, after the last few years I feel like I’m almost back to my best.

We are so excited to have you back on the 2018 Arenacross Tour, I know you are running and riding in your own Geartec team with the support of Husqvarna, how did that come about?
So after a few years of injuries and bike troubles I just thought it was time for a change, I spoke with Paul Mason from Geartec Commercial in late 2016 about the prospect of starting our own team and the rest is history.

When we started it all we took a big risk as we had nothing to run a team, no sponsors, no bikes not even a kit deal so the winter was very busy for me sorting all that stuff. I’m definitely glad we did it, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a team for a long time! We have an amazing group of people in the team and some amazing sponsors. I can’t believe in just a year we’ve gone from nothing to one of the biggest and most professional teams in the paddock and are now the Official MX1 team for Husqvarna Motorcycles in the UK so I couldn’t be happier with what we have achieved.

For the riders out there tell us about your set up this year, we think it looks pretty sweet…!
Thanks, we’ve had a lot of positivity toward the bike and the set up this year which is nice.

I spent a lot of time on the look of not just the bikes but the whole team this year and am very pleased with the outcome. We have been working on something pretty special for the Arenacross so make sure you go Follow our Instagram page @Geartec_Racing to see what’s going on and keep up to date with everything.

Your recovery and come back has been incredible, going into this tour what are your aims for the series?
It’s been a long tough road and one I didn’t realise would take so long but I’m back to 100% now and hope to stay that way. My goals for the series is to be a podium guy each week and see where that puts us at the end.

The AX Tour has grown a little as you know…! Are you looking forward to the World Tour rounds and what do you think it’ll bring to the series?
Yes 100% the Arenacross series in the UK has been growing and growing and I feel like it’s a great time to take it to Europe it can only be good for the sport.

What is it about Arenacross that made you want to come back?
I think just the whole package really I can’t really say just one thing, it produces great racing, the exposure it generates for the team and myself are huge and I feel it needs more British riders involved.

We have to ask…which venue are you looking forward to the most?
I really like Birmingham it’s a cool arena and the tracks always pretty good there.

What will you be doing between now and the 6th of January to prepare for the first round?
We will just be super busy with riding and training, my trainer Mat Wilson (Saber Performace) will have me on a strict plan to be ready physically and the team will make sure my bike is 100% come Round 1. I feel what let me down a bit in the past was a lack of actual Arenacross riding and testing during the winter, I’ve always come into the series with a Motocross style set up and not ever an Arenacross bike as such so this year we are going to focus hard to get a set up that we can come out swinging with at Round 1.