26 July 2017 Written by Aimee
As we announce the fact that Dan Whitby will be riding at CarFest North this weekend, we’ve also got a bit more insider info for you on the man from Norfolk…you heard it here first!

Put Dan Whitby in a suit and tie and you’d have no idea that he flips dirtbikes upside down for a living…

One of those few remaining guys who holds the uttermost respect for everyone he comes across, is incredibly modest and is just a really nice, genuine guy. He loves interacting with fans, is always on hand to give interviews and despite simply being an FMX rider who is paid to ride at Arenacross – he constantly talks us up, encourages people to buy tickets and represents us at any opportunity given…he also happens to be pretty nifty on a bike.

ALL IMAGES GAS NO LOGO 329All of the above rounds up why we were determined to get Dan involved as a part of the Arenacross team. Enter our first ever Arenacross Freestyle Ambassador.

In case you didn’t know, Dan runs his own FMX team – The Bolddog boys have been with AX since the beginning and now with Dan managing the team (consisting of fellow AX favourites Samson Eaton and Arran Powley) there’s no better time for AX to partner up with them. Bolddog of course spend the winter months on tour with us but throughout the summer, they go on tour themselves – travelling all around the UK performing at various shows and naturally, getting a whole new audience on board each time they ride.

So we’ve not only kitted Dan and his bike up AX style (looking pretty rad if we do say so ourselves) but we’ve also given the Bolddog set-up an injection of AX with plenty of the black and green branding you’ll know us for, alongside an Arenacross pop-up where you can watch some of our edits and perhaps get your hands on some merchandise if you’re lucky!

All three of the Bolddog boys are great ambassadors for Arenacross; they really get what we’re trying to do – but with Dan doing most of the talking, it made sense for us to work with him on promoting AX throughout our off-season and beyond.

And of course it all starts this Friday when Dan hits the ramps at CarFest North!! Then come January, Dan and the Bolddog boys will be on tour with us once again, all around the UK on the 2018 Arenacross Tour…

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