07 April 2017 Written by Jenni

The climax of the Tour at Wembley was ultra-tense, with any one of six Pros capable of winning the championship

Round 7; London

Prior to the evening’s double-points 14-lap Main Event, it was widely predicted that the championship would go to the wire, and that it did.

Thomas Ramette held on to become the first-ever three-time Arenacross Pro champ and, remarkably, he achieved this without winning a Main Event. Adrien Escoffier enjoyed his second Main Event win of the season and delighted his team with a perfect end to a season which, for them, had its ups and downs. Ramette finished second on the night and American Collin Jurin, in only his second round of the 2017 Tour put in a sterling performance to gift his WD40 X-Bladez Husqvarna an end-of-series podium. Early odds-on favourite Cedric Soubeyras recovered from an early race ‘off’ to finish ninth, whilst Angelo Pellegrini took fourth and secured second overall in the championship. RFX St Blazey won the team championship in convincing style.

AX London2017 NL166

Every picture tells a story ... the moment 'Soub' knew the 2017 championship was out of his grasp

Chris Bayliss was back firing on all cylinders in the Pro Lites. He won the overall and earned his place in the Pro Head-to-Head where he almost upset the Pro apple cart by narrowly missing out on beating Jay Wilson to the chequered flag by just .007 of a second. Jason Meara won his first Pro Lites final to finish second overall on the night and fourth in the championship itself, in his first-ever AX series.

Both youth championships had been decided in the morning’s set of races with Ben Clayton and Bobby Bruce taking first and second in the SuperMinis. Ashton Boughen and Ben Mustoe did the same in the 65s. Come the public showing, Louie Kessell took a well-deserved third overall in the bigger capacity class and Charley Irwin, one of the most travelled 65cc riders of the 2017 Tour, secured a triumphant third in his group.

Championship success, across any discipline, is naturally of the utmost importance to manufacturers and teams - it serves to underline the capability and reliability of their products and adds a certain kudos to the brand. The final round was again full of drama and again, won by a Frenchman but, to many in the Arenacross audience, the outcome of the Main Event final wasn’t of paramount importance and certainly didn’t impact on their enjoyment of the evening as a whole. The opening ceremony hype, the strobe lights, lasers, fireworks, confetti, pryro, fire-waving girls and high-flying FMX riders were what many were there to see and, as at every other round of the 2017 series, they weren’t disappointed.

AX London2017 NL262

Chris Bayliss (middle) and Jason Meara (left) with Yannis Irsuti (right) enjoyed well-deserved podium success at London

Watch this space for news on 2018 Tour dates!

Pro Championship
1. Thomas Ramette (FR), 131 points
2. Angelo Pellegrini (IT), 126 points
3. Cedric Soubeyras (FR), 124 points
4. Adam Chatfield (UK), 116 points
5. Adrien Escoffier (FR), 113 points
6. Jack Brunell (UK), 109 points
7. Cyrille Coulon (FR), 96 points
8. Hugo Basaula (PT), 89 points
9. Florent Richier (FR), 87 points
10. Matt Bayliss (UK), 54 points

Team Championship
1. Team RFX St Blazey MX, 255 points
2. SR75 World Suzuki, 226 points
3. Team Green Kawasaki, 210 points
4. Buildbase Honda Racing, 183 points
5. MVR-D Husqvarna, 122 points
6. Keystone Honda Racing, 116 points
7. I-Fly JK Yamaha, 55 points
8. WD40 X-Bladez Husqvarna, 32 points
8. FRO Systems PAR Elite, 32 points

AX Sheffield media 217

The RFX St Blazey team won the 2017 Team Championship

Pro Lites Championship
1. Yannis Irsuti #170, 245 points
2. Dylan Woodcock #60, 233 points
3. Joe Clayton #14, 222 points
4. Jason Meara#10, 208 points
5. Chris Bayliss #259, 207 points

Supermini Championship
1. Ben Clayton #14, 236 points
2. Bobby Bruce #579, 218 points
3. Louie Kessell #7, 185 points
4. Carl Osterman #10, 184 points
5. Callum Beeken #211, 167 points

Youth 65cc Championship
1. Ashton Boughen #2, 238 points
2. Ben Mustoe #3, 205 points
3. Charley Irwin #50, 189 points
4. Freddie Bartlett #292 178 pooints
5. Shaun Mahoney #11, 174 points

Full results from the series are available at HERE.

AX Sheffield afternoon misc 458

Stop right there! Our popular 2017 mascot MAX in the thick of it with crowd control!


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