16 March 2017 Written by Jenni

You could always rely on lorry-driving Welshman Ashley Greedy, to incite Arenacross crowds and sometimes, his fellow competitors too.

Known for his flat-out or take ‘em out style of riding, AX life was certainly never boring when Ash was in the arena but, bet you’d have never guessed the one meal he’d take to a desert island .... Tomato soup in a bread bowl!

We ran a few questions by the FRO Systems PAR Elite wannabe lion ....

Fave song/band?
Anything as long as it’s got rhythm and beat.
Fave food?
I’m enjoying pasta at the moment as I’m cutting out the crap. I’ve been watching what I eat over the winter and (as at Sheffield) have lost over a stone. It’s made a difference to my riding and I feel I have more strength and stamina.
How do like your steak?
Beverage of choice?
Water and Stella.
Dream car?
Range Rover.
Dream bike?
Nike or Adidas?
Fave sport/athlete outside of motocross?
Scott Redding, MotoGP.
If you were an animal what would you be?
A lion of course – king of the lot!
Last holiday?
Spain – riding holiday.
Fave place to visit?
Cats or dogs?
Hundred per cent dogs!
In a relationship?
Yes with Susy Bailey.
Would you rather – always have to speak your mind or never speak again?
[laughs ...] I tell always tell it like it is anyway ...
Would you rather – have hiccups for the rest of your life or always feel like you’re going to sneeze but never do?
Now that’s a tough choice (really we ask...??) but hiccups.
If you were on a desert island, what would your one meal be?
A bread bowl! Panera bread filled with tomato soup – perfect.
Two-stroke or four-stroke?
Get even or get over it?
Come on, whaddya reckon?? Get even obviously!
Sweets or chocolate?
What would you like to see next year at Arenacross?
Another two seeded through to the Main Event from the heats.

ARENACROSS BELFAST 27 1 2017 223 30

No hard feelings! Greedy at Belfast with Alex Snow (right) and Jay Wilson (left).


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