15 February 2017 Written by Jenni

It ain’t over till the final flag falls (or something along those lines) ... 

As we go full throttle towards Wembley 2017, never has a truer word been said. Anticipation is at an all-time high, with five Pros in with a very real chance of lifting the AX trophy. In fact, mathematically speaking, it is possible for any one of the top nine to win this Saturday night, as there’s double-bubble on the points front. But, with the grand final drawing ever-closer, we’ll be focussing on those top five, kicking off here with fifth-place Team Green Kawasaki’s Jack Brunell.

Wembley is pretty much Brunell’s back yard and he’s hoping the support of a home crowd will lift him all the way to the podium. He’s just 17-points behind series leader Frenchman Cedric Soubeyras (RFX St Blazey) and, together with buddy Adam Chatfield, is a true British hopeful.

Brunell has something in common with pretty much most of his British contemporaries, in that he has a day job. He is an air conditioning engineer and, whilst many of his European Pro class competitors can focus on the job of racing, he has to balance the ‘real world’ with the giddy heights of AX. The down-to-earth Londoner tasted podium glory at Birmingham, when he took a blistering third, his next best result was fourth at Sheffield last weekend. However, he has finished in a points-scoring position at every round and, as we all know, in the unpredictable world of AX, consistency is king.

AX: Hey Jack. How has the series been for you so far?

JB: Really good, but it’s gone really quickly. The atmosphere amongst the riders is far better this year.

AX: How are enjoying being part of Team Green?

JB: The whole team set-up is superb and Bryan (Mackenzie) is doing a great job as team manager and bringing on the youth riders.

AX: This is the first time a major manufacturer has entered its own team with direct support and input from the UK distributor. It’s important for AX itself. Has it made a difference to you and the other guys?

JB: It's great for Kawasaki to have a rider in every class and for the younger riders to mix with the pros.

AX Sheffield afternoon misc 454

[Team Green youngsters look to JB for advice]

AX: Have you been in the dreaded Head-to-Head? If so, how was it?

JB: No, luckily, I haven't been in a head to head race in the series so far.

AX: What has been your best moment so far?

JB: Being on the podium in Birmingham. I’ve felt good all year really, it’s just the starts I’m struggling with and they mean everything.

AX: Worst moment?

JB: No low points yet.

AX: We understand you and Adam (Chatfield) are good mates, do you see much of each other?

JB: Only when he wants me to be his chauffeur ... My wife Sophie and I live near Heathrow so when he’s jetting in and out of the UK, he parks at ours! Seriously though, we have been good friends for years and speak to each other a lot.

AX: How are you feeling about this weekend?

JB: I'm really looking forward to racing at my home round with all my friends and family coming to watch and support me.

JB Quick Fire

Fave song/band; Ed Sheeran

Fave food; Homemade Pie & Chips

How do like your steak cooked; Medium

Dream car/bike; A racing green Lamborghini

Nike or Adidas; Nike

Fave sport/athlete outside of motocross; UFC - Conor McGregor

Who inspired you to race; My Dad (Melvyn)

If you were an animal what would you be; Gorilla

Last holiday; New York

Cats or dogs; I have both!

Would you rather – always have to speak your mind or never speak again; Always have to speak my mind

Would you rather – have hiccups for the rest of your life or always feel like you’re going to sneeze, but never do; Hiccups for the rest of my life

If you were on a desert island, what would your one meal be; Mexican Chicken Fajitas

Two-stroke or four-stroke; Two-stroke

Would you rather - get even or get over it; Get even

Sweets or chocolate; Sweeties

What would you like to see next year at Arenacross; More rounds


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