Last year's Pro Champ returns to try and keep a hold of the AX crown for the third year running!

One half of the Championship winning team of 2016, super smooth CC5 is back with a, so far, injury free vengeance!

This ever-impressive Brit works his butt off every year to get onto the podium…he had a good year in 2016 so let’s see what 2017 can bring for him!

The first ever AX Champ returns once again…a crowd favourite, the ‘Ginger Ninja’ Brit is making the journey from his home in sunny Brazil to once again take on the AX challenge!

After firmly placing himself into the hearts of every audience last year with his gutsy and passionate Brit style, Matt Bayliss is back for 2017.

Fresh off the back of winning the SX2 French SX class, it’s time for Richier to see what he’s capable of on a 450…

Even though he’s ridden inside before, Snow hasn’t experienced the razzamatazz of AX…so it’ll be interesting to see how he fairs under the lights, lasers and pyro!

Controversy reigns but there’s no denying the skill, talent and passion that this guy has…he’s just won the French Championship so let’s see if the winning streak continues…

The Italian Stallion is back! The nicest man in MX returns and by teaming up with Soubeyras, this Team becomes a very strong threat to the title…

A brand new face to the AX series, we’re not sure how this Frenchman will take to the tracks over here, but going by his CV, we don’t think he’ll find them too much trouble!

This Aussie talent will be on British AX tracks for the first time and whilst he’ll have a lot to learn, we also think he may be schooling some other in the art of indoor riding!

Don’t be fooled by his polite, quiet nature off the track! He’ll be the first to take on anyone who gets in his way. He improves year on year, so watch out for this one!

Billed as the pantomime villain due to his argy bargy style, this welsh wizard is making his way from the Valleys to see what mischief he can get up to in 2017!

This French hot-shot is new to AX and so we don’t know quite what to expect. He’s been a top runner in the French SX Lites, so it’s a safe bet that he’s pretty quick.


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