Fancy being a part of the AX Team? We’re after some talented individuals who’d like to spend their weekends in January and February gaining some super valuable work experience! We’re offering expenses (including travel, hotel and food) and an exciting way to get rid of those winter blues, all in return for some hard work! Take a look to see if you fit any of the roles below and if you do, then get applying and you could be joining us in 2017!

Marketing an Arenacross Tour involves increasing the awareness of the events and selling tickets! If you’re a budding marketing expert, who’s up for adding to the AX website, keeping the social media up to date and have a whole heap of brilliant ideas that we just have to know about, then use the button to apply below!

We’ve done all the hard work with PR; getting the amazing AX Tour out there in the media but we do need some help when it comes to the tour itself. We’re looking for someone who can help us manage the media who attend the events but also make sure we are EVERYWHERE in the lead up to each round…we’re talking in every newspaper, on every TV and radio station and all over online news sites. If you’ve got a load of contacts or just the enthusiasm for PR, apply using the form below!

We have an awesome team who make the super cool Arenacross edits that you’ll have seen over the past few years, but as the Tour gets bigger, our team needs to as well! We’re looking for a range of people from those whose career is filming really cool stuff, to those who are just starting out and would love to get some experience with AX. You’ll need to have your own equipment, be speedy with filming and editing and have a great eye to be able to catch all those classic AX moments, but if that sounds like you then fill out the form below to apply!

Our event images are used for so much more than you’d imagine. Social, the website, advertising, marketing, arena’s and the media…the list is endless, so basically we need to get the biggest number of high quality images that we can. So, whether MX, FMX or candid shots are your thing, if you’ve got your own equipment, are able to edit and most of all can supply great photos to us under pressure, then you need to fill out the form below and let us know!

Without the AX production team, there would be no Arenacross. Simple as that. These boys (and at the moment they are all guys but that shouldn’t stop you from applying girls!) are responsible for setting up the tracks, the bannering, the production and timing boxes, the pits and transporting everything between the events on a very tightly packed tour schedule. They then spend the evening show on the track, making sure everything is kept safe and just as it’s supposed to be. It’s long hours and very hard work (mostly very physically demanding) but these guys have some real fun times too. So if you’re up for it, the form to apply is just below!

There’s always so much going on at every round of the Arenacross Tour that extra pairs of helping hands are always welcome! If you’re up for some hardwork, spending a lot of time on your feet, putting in some long hours but also getting the massive buzz of being a part of the AX team then this role might be for you! Event runners could be doing anything from collecting timing results, making sure we’ve got enough autograph signing pens, taking riders up to meet and greet VIP guests or even getting their hands dirty out on the track! Apply below if you fancy this…


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