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The Monster Energy Arenacross Tour 2017 will hit six of the UK’s leading concert venues when it kicks off early in the New Year on January 7th. AX isn’t the typical style of show these Arenas are used to as we rock in a different way. For a start, we completely take over and dump thousands of tonnes of dirt on those pristine floors, before filling the amphitheatre with the lovely sound and scent of dirt bikes when we let our racers loose. So, when we say we offer something slightly off the wall, that’s something of an understatement! But what do the Arenas really think of AX? We found out ….

The AX Youths

We’ve talked about our Pro and Pro Lite racers and, by now, you’re all well aware of just how amazing they are. But there are two other groups we need to talk about and, collectively, they form an integral part of Arenacross. We are, of course, referring to The Youths!

AX Interview: George Clarke

Every now and then we like to catch up with some past Arenacross personalities and see what they’ve got to say about the AX Tour. The latest is Pro-Lites rider George Clarke…

Boys to Men!

The Pro-Lites. The last chance to get some of those all-important wins on the score-sheet before you step it up and ride with the big boys. But don’t get us wrong, this class isn’t easy. It’s full of intense skill mixed with a young ‘no fear’ approach so trust us when we say that this can get gnarly!


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