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Will it be...Florent Richer #2

When LPE drafted in Florent Richier to replace last years Arenacross winner Fabien Izoird who was out due to injury, they clearly made a wise choice! Sitting in second position in the Championship FR2 has had a brilliant series. The most consistent rider, Richier has been on the podium a mega 5 times over the series so far, and is determined to make it a total of 6 at Wembley.

Feb 26, 2015

Will it be...Angelo Pellegrini #941

Angelo Pellegrini brought smooth talent and finely tuned skills to every round of the Arenacross tour last year. This year he’s returned and is still as slick as ever. The 27 year old has been riding for Oakleaf Motorsports alongside Frenchman Romain Biela and together the pair are bringing a little slice of continental flair to the track.

Will it be...Cyrille Coulon #5

In his own words ‘every race it gets better and better’ for SR75’s Cyrille Coulon. Currently sitting in 4th in the Championship, CC5 didn’t have the best start of the series but come round four things started improving for the Frenchman and now he’s going into the last round with a chance of taking the Championship.

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