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AX speaks to NEW Ambassador Dan Whitby

AX speaks to NEW Ambassador Dan Whitby


We caught up with newly appointed AX Ambassador - Dan Whitby, the freestyle motocross king hailing from Norfolk!

Dan Whitby bike


You’re now the official Arenacross Freestyle rider! What're your initial thoughts on that?! 

I’m so honoured to be the official Arenacross Freestyle rider, Arenacross is something I’m very passionate about, the shows are simply awesome so I’m very proud to be more involved and help get the word out there.

Give us a sum of Arenacross from your perspective?

Being a freestyle rider I get the opportunity to ride and see many cool events but none come close to what Arenacross has to offer, 3 hours of pure awesomeness! For me it the highlight of my year! 


What do you think AX does for the MX industry that other championships may not? 

AX takes it to the next level and beyond, there’s simply nothing out there that comes close, don’t get me wrong there’s some great MX racing going on in the UK but it’s not the complete package. Where else do you get opening ceremonies, lights, lazors, pyro, awesome racing all wrapped into a rad show in the comfort of a warm arena??? Oh and don’t forget the FMX ha!


Why do you love Arenacross?

There are sooooo many reasons, for me personally I just love the event, the atmosphere, the team and what AX is about, on the flip side I love being part of great entertainment and that’s what I believe AX is!


You’ve got a jam-packed summer with loads of shows... if people come to see you what can they expect to see?

Well I myself will certainly do my best to put on some top class FMX, I’ll be joined by some of the best FMX’er giving you a small taster of AXFMX, we also have a hub of activity at the AX stand where you can come meet the riders, grab free AX poster, AX merch, and check out our vids from past AX events. You can also be smart and purchase your tickets for the 2018 tour to avoid disappointment! (also at a reduced rate I believe)

Give us a bit of background about yourself – how did you start FMX, how did you get into doing AX, what are your career highlights etc?

So I’m 34, I’ve been riding FMX professionally for the past 11 years, I got into FMX through a guy called Andy Godbold, he owns an FMX team called Bolddog. I’ve broken a few bones on the journey to becoming the rider I am today, I’ve been very lucky to travel the world riding my bike and I’m very grateful for that! Because of this, I’m a very happy person! I was lucky enough to be invited to ride the first AX tour back in 2013 and each year I push myself to maintain a standard so that I get invited back! Follow me on social media Danwhitby171 and you can tag along on my journey to the 2018 AX tour.


If you weren’t a Freestyle rider what would you be doing?

That’s a tough one, I’d like to be a DJ but I’m rubbish at it! I’d probably be doing something to do with FMX.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 and 10 years-time?

I defo don’t think that far ahead but I’m going to say still riding bikes. 


Finally, why would you encourage people to come to Arenacross – even if they don’t have any interest in motocross!

You don’t have to be into motocross to come, if you’re into bikes you’re on a winner but it's literally great entertainment for everyone! If you’re into excitement, edge of your seat action then come experience AX, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

This won't be the last you here from Dan, we will be keeping you updated on him and The Bolddog team on their travels ahead of AXUK 2018!



CarFest South and AX is GO!

 Have you heard…We had such a great time at CarFest North we thought we invade CarFest South
with our very own 2 wheeled Arenacross freestyle motocross riders, talk about #fridayfeeling.

We’ll be heading over to Hampshire to Laverstoke Park Farm on the 25th-27th August to join in with Chris Evan’s 4 wheeled festival. With an abundance of fun family entertainment, this is the perfect place for AXUK, we thrive on you guys!

With custard pie fights, ‘car’-nival parades, dance fest and super hero world you can quickly see this as the place for us to be. We’ll be bringing a squad of world class freestyle motocross riders who will be out to turn heads! We’ve also got the ‘Have a Go’ upside down freestyle motocross bike…intrigued, we recommend having a go! If that wasn’t enough we are giving those at the event a chance to win your very own motocross bike!!


Kelly A Davies
If you are heading down then come and visit us, watch and get involved! If you love us, (which we know you will) then you can buy tickets to Arenacross 2018 onsite at CarFest South onsite as well as our merchandise so you are tour ready.

We’ll be announcing further information this week, so keep dialed into to our social media!


2018 AX entries open!

Arenacross will be here before we know it – so we best get some riders involved!

Dan Whitby becomes AX Ambassador!

As we announce the fact that Dan Whitby will be riding at CarFest North this weekend, we’ve also got a bit more insider info for you on the man from Norfolk…you heard it here first!


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